Coaching Soccer 101

Soccer Drills

Soccer Drills That Work

Drills are designed to be printed straight off the Web Page

The Bank Game U10 to U14. Passing with pressure
Keep Your Yard Clean U6 to U10. Fun passing game-no real pressure
3v1 Variation U6 to U14
Four Corners U6 to U14.
Split the Defenders U12-U14. For older players
Dodge Ball U6 to U12. Fun Game
Tug of War U6 to U14.Passing for Accuracy
Chip Pass Game U11 to U14
Passing Through the Gates U-6 to U-12. To work on TECHNIQUE
Crossing Game U8 to U14
No Mans Zone U10 to U14. Long passing and receiving
Receiving Drill U6 to U14
Give and Go U8 to U14
Spread Out U8 to 12. Start with no soccer ball
Wall Pass Drill U8 to U14
Musical Chairs U8 to U12. Dribbling, fitness
Haunted House or Big Square Little Square U8 to U14. Call it "Haunted House" to make it more fun for younger players.
Heading Activity U-11 to U-14. Heading
1v1 Dribbling/Fitness U-6 to U-12. Dribbling,Speed
1v1 Dribble Thru Gates U-6 to U-14. Dribbling with pressure
Killer Whale U-6 to U-10. Dribbling and sheilding
Nascar U-6 to U-14. Fun drill 4 younger kids
Speed Racer U-6 to U-10. Dibbling for younger kids
Knockout U-6 to U-12. An old classic
Tag- Variation U-6 to U 8
Explode U-6 to U-14
Breakaway Shooting Game U-6 to U-14.Good shooting game
Four Corner Shooting Game U-6 to U-14. Shoot or pass
The Shooting Game U-6 to U-14
Attacking/Defending Comment
Corner Kick Game U8 to U14. Watch them run
1V1 U-6 to U-14
Get Out of Here U-8 to U-14. A favorite of kids
4 Goal Game U-8 to U-14
Large field w/ gates U-8 to U14. Switching fields, spreading out
New One v One v Coach U-8 to U14
P-I-G U-10 to U-14. Juggling
Head Catch U-8 to U-12
Power Finesse U-8 to U-14. Finishing
Volleyball U-10 to U14. Juggling/half volley
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