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Killer Whale Drill

Killer Whale Drill

Setup- create a large circle with cones. Have 4-14 players inside the circle dribbling with a soccer ball. Two defensive players wearing pinnies are the "Killer Whales"

The object of the game is for one or two "killer whales" to kick as many soccer balls outside of the circle as he can. Each ball that goes out is worth a point.

The O's with a soccer ball try to shield the ball from the killer whale(X's). If his or her ball gets kicked out, they retrieve the ball and and continue dribbling in circle.

The "killer whales" can usually can go for 30 to 60 seconds and keep track of their score. Make sure everyone has a chance to be killer whale. The player who kicks out the most balls wins.

Use stop watch.
You can use one or two killer whales

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