Soccer Drills

The Bank Game

The Bank Game

THE BANK GAME- Passing with pressure

Setup - two teams of 4 or 5 players. Each in a 40 X 40 grid (adjustable).

The Game- the coach sends a soccer ball into O's teams grid. The opposing team sends 1 players to play as a defender. The O's try to connect 4 passes in a row without the defender stealing or kicking ball out of bounds. Each time a team accomplishes this, they can make 100 bucks. Once they make a hundred bucks, they have 2 choices. Go for another hundred bucks or bank the money. To bank the money, they have to send the soccer ball back into the opposing teams grid and THEY send a defender to try to steal the ball. If the ball goes out of bound or is stolen, the coach sends a ball into the others teams grid.

Progressions- send in more than 1 defender.
- make grids smaller
To make game easier- make grid larger and add a offensive player

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