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Soccer Coach with Trio.

Why coach? What else can you do that is fun and allows you to give back to the community while spending quality time with your kids? (this is me with my twin daughters at my arms and my niece in the middle).

The best thing I ever did for coaching soccer was to get licensed with our state soccer association. In fact, many moons ago, when I got my “D” license I learned from the Master himself, Jeff Pill. I owe a great deal to Jeff and the other members of the NH staff. I will never forget their enthusiasm and knowledge. I would also like to thank folks at the NSCAA. I completed the High School and the National Diploma Programs and gained a lot from their programs as well. As a father of four kids, I have been coaching soccer for over 15 years. A lot of those years were spent coaching two club teams at the same time. And if practice four nights a week and 3-4 games on the weekends weren’t enough, I would help other teams in our club or do coaching clinics for neighboring recreation departments. Oh yeah, there is also the (cough) “Over Forty League” I play on. The motivation for this website comes from the fact that I have ran into kids that quit soccer after their first season. The reason they gave was “because they didn’t have fun”. So one goal of this website is to motivate and educate new coaches. Go get licensed, keep it fun. You may have a Pele or Mia Hamm on your hands and it would be shame if that player quit after the first season. The second goal is to create a place where other seasoned coaches can share information that they have. So if you have a good drill/activity, coaching tip, quote, or anything, we would like to hear from you. In closing, I know this is said on the front page of the website but it is worth repeating.HAVE FUN and make it a great season.
Bill Eaton

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