Coaching Soccer 101


Attacker- The player with possession of the ball
Advantage- Law permitting a referee to recognize a fouls but not call it and allow the game to continue if he feel it is in the best interest of the player who was fouled.
Center Line- The halfway line drawn across the center of the field
Chop or cut-
A deliberate change of direction with the ball.
Challenge- When a defender tries to steal the ball from the attacker.
Chip- When a ball is kicked using a stabbing motion which lofts the ball over the opponents head..
Collecting- The technique of receiving a ball from the air or the ground and then bring it under control to put the ball back into play.
Corner Kick- A direct free kick taken from the corner. It happen when the ball goes across the goal line and was last touched by a defender.
Cover- A defensive concept to help back up a fellow defender putting pressure on the ball.
Cross- When a ball comes across the field from a sideline towards the goal.
Direct Free Kick- A free kick that can be shot on goal without the ball being touched by another player.
Dribbling- Using touches with your feet to control the ball.
Far Post- The goal post furthest from the ball.
- AKA fake. A deceptive move to fool an opponent
Goal Kick- A goal kick is taken by the defending team when the ball goes over the goal line and was last touched by an offensive player.
Goal Line/End Line- The boundary line at each end of the field where the goals are.
Hand Ball- The INTENTIONAL use of the hands by a field player. The result is a direct free kick.
Indirect Free Kick- A free kick that cannot score with out first being touched by another player.
Juggling- The skill of keeping the ball in the air your feet and other various parts of the body.
Marking- The defensive concept of guarding another player
Offside-When a receiver of a pass is positioned on his opponents half of the field with less than two defenders between him and the end at the moment the ball is passed.
One Touch Passing or Shooting- To pass or shoot on the first touch of the ball.
Over lap- When a player runs around and ahead of the ball for a pass.
Pitch- A  soccer field.
Pressure- Refers to a defender putting pressure on his opponent with the ball.
Push Pass- A pass using the side of your foot keeping the ball close to the ground.
Shielding- A  technique where the player with the ball positions his body between the ball and the defender.
Striker- a player whose primary duties is to work the attacking half of the field.
Sweeper- A  player positioned behind the fullback and in front of the goalie. He has the freedom to play on either side of the field.
Tackling- Using your feet to steal the ball from an opponent.
Touchline- The lines at the side of the field.