Soccer Drills

Tag Drill

Tag Drill

TAG- Dribbling with soccer ball (or start with no soccer balls and progress to dribbling with soccer ball).

Setup- create a grid 20 yards X 40yards. Start with one player in the middle holding a soccer ball under his/her armpit (this person is "it". The rest of the players line up one one end of the grid with a soccer ball at their feet.

The object of the game. ON THE COACHES WHISTLE, players dribble from one end of the grid to the other with out being tagged by "it". If a player is tagged they ALSO become "it". Dribblers stop when they get to the other end of the grid. In the beginning - it is 10 dribblers to one "tagger". The next time back it might be three taggers to 7 dribblers. Eventually the taggers out number the dribblers

COACHING POINTS - heads up, check with the ball and then explode.

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