Soccer Drills

Get Out of Here

Get Out of Here

GET OUT OF HERE-my favorite

Great game to work on all aspects of the game. Can be played 1v1,2v2, or 3v3. Can be used to focus on offense, defense, techniques, tactics. Even though there are lines,,, game moves really quick.

THE GAME- two lines of 3-5 players behind two cones. Coach in the middle with lots of soccer balls.

When the coach yells "go", the first players in each line sprints around the corner cones and around the goals and tries to be the first player into the playing area. The coach serves the ball to the first player into the playing area. From there, they just play a 1v1 small sided soccer game. If a goal is scored or the ball goes out of bounds, the coach yells "get out of here". The two players then have to sprint off the field coming off by the coach so that they dont collide with the next two players.

The coach yells "go" and the next two players go.

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