Soccer Drills

1 v 1 Drill

1 v 1 Drill

Set up a bunch of small fields / grids.
4 players at each field.

Object of the game is to dribble the soccer ball across the opposite line.

How to play- player 1 kicks ball to player 2. ONCE player 2 touches the ball, players 1 can enter the field and play defender.

Player 2 tries to score a point by dribbling over the line at the opposite end of the field. When a player scores or ball goes out of bounds, they get off the field and switch sides so next time player one will play offense. The game resumes quickly with players 3 and 4.

Make sure player 3 has a ball and is ready to go.

Variations- to score, player has to STOP the ball on the end line.
Play 2v2.

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