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Example -"Nice pass Johnny. Next time ... That was great hustle also."

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New or Beginner Soccer Coach

The soccer field is the best place to learn about coaching soccer. The ideal situation is to get the coach on the field with their cleats or sneakers. Put them through drills and situations as if they were the kids. They experience how fun the game is. They also learn first hand what its like to be at the end of a line or to be sitting while the other kids are playing. The coach leaves with a good feeling from the "hands on" experience and we hope you get the same from surfing this site.

This guide is meant to give you enough knowledge until you can attend a coaching clinic yourself. Check your State Soccer Coaching Organizations web site to find out where and when. They are very fun and we guarantee that you will come away being a better coach. Until then, gets lots of soccer drills and coaching soccer information on this website.

We hope you have a fun and great soccer season.

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Soocer Coaching Drills

Need some new soccer drill ideas? Well, we got soccer drills for you. Even better, our soccer drills actually work.

Soccer Coaching Tools

We have created a lot of different PDF's to help soccer coaches with everyday task. Most are printable and easy to use.


We have created an easy to use, basic list of of the rules.

Coaching Quotes

Need a clever coaching quote? Or better yet, do you have one to chare?.

Soccer News

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