Use Progressions to help train skills.

PLayer Safety

Pick One Skill or Theme For Your Practice

Start with Fundamentals with No Pressure

Slowly Increase the Level of Difficulty and Pressure

Progress to a Large Sided Game with Goals

In other words, instead of spending 5 minutes on dribbling, 5 minutes on passing, 5 minutes on defense. Use progressions to slowly and thoroughly develop a skill or theme for your practice.
Here is an example if passing is the skill a team needs most.
The example below uses 5 progressions, you may decide in some practice sessions to use only 3, some may use 6-7.

Start the practice with a warm up that uses passing to get the kids running.

Once players are warmed up, work on passing technique with no pressure (example- players pair up and pass back and forth to each other focusing on technique).

Next, add some non-defensive pressure. It could be passing for accuracy (two players passing between gates) or maybe passing against the clock.

Then add some defensive pressure in a small sided game. Use games or drills that will insure some passing success. Example: “monkey in the middle”. 4 passers against 1 defender.
Then progress to a 2v2 ,3v3, or 4v4 small sided game with full pressure.

Lastly, progress to a large sided game with goals.

Finish with a warm down.

After this practice, passing skills are bound to improve. Use the next regular season game to identify another weak area and do it all over again.