Coaching Soccer 101

Tips for Coaching Your Kid

PLayer Safety

Make sure you are coaching for the right reasons. Are you coaching to help your child and others become better? To spend quality time with your kid? Or are you coaching because you think you can help your child make it to the Majors?

Talk to your son/daughter. LISTEN FIRST. Why are they playing? What do they think of the idea about you coaching? Tell them why you would like to coach.

Establish rules. Let your kid know that you will be treating them like every other player on the team. And you will be fair but firm when correcting or disciplining them.

Have a meeting with the team and parents before the season. Outline your goals and expectations.

Enlist the help of your assistant coach. Ask him/her to make sure you don’t show any favoritism towards your son or daughter but just as important, that you don’t go too far the other way.

Be good at what you are coaching. No kid wants their father or mother to be the butt of any critism.

Take off your coaches’ hat at home. No need to rehash every play at the dinner table. Be a great mom or dad. Spend some extra time away from the court or field just having fun as a parent.