Coaching Soccer 101

Micro Soccer

PLayer Safety

Why Micro Soccer

-Modified soccer will develop players faster with more touches.
-Opportunity for less complicated and better decisions.
-Less players, coach can see the players clearer.
-Offers Parent/coaches an opportunity to grow in progressions also.
-Teaches kids that they can play 3V3 (street soccer) soccer in the school yard or back yard.
-More exposure to defending and attacking principlesU-10 Goalies get more work.
-No Refs- NO pressure Better fitness training and players physically match field Before you can run, you have to learn how to walk.
-Micro soccer offers natural progressions up to full sized soccer.

US Soccer recommendations

No score or standings kept till U-12.
Coaches attend appropriate coaching module.
No slide tackling at younger levels.
Opposing teams shake hands at the end of the game.
Spectators should be there to enjoy and encourage.
Use "split field" model to utilize space and resources.

Coaching Micro Soccer

Practice Strategy

FUN,FUN, and more Fun
Put kids in environment where they play lots of games and get lots of touches on the ball. Their skills will improve without them even knowing it.
Have a practice plan for a lot of non stop action.

Game Day Strategy

More Fun !!

Promote teamwork, sportsmanship, and making new friends.
Make sure to have oranges and drinks for half time.
"When we have the ball, play as a team and try to score. When the other team has the ball, stop them from scoring." Shake hands at the end of the game.
Bring lollipops and have your players pass them out to the other team during "handshaking" and its guaranteed both teams will forget who and how many goals were scored.

Micro Soccer Challenges


-The biggest challenge for Micro Soccer is getting parents and coaches to buy into the Micro Soccer philosophy.
-For many years a lot of programs started at 6V6 and players progressed up to 11V11. So in many parents eyes, playing 3v3 or 4v4 is a step back.
-Soccer community is doing a lot to try to educate everyone on the benefits of Micro Soccer. Many of the major youth soccer organizations have free pamphlets and brochures.


-More coaches are needed to run a good micro soccer program.
-This is actually an opportunity.
-Recruiting easier once coaches realize smaller teams sizes and the coach requirements are enthusiasm and willingness to learn.
-A lot of Micro Soccer programs promote parent involvement in training sessions, eventually turn them into coaches.


-Last Challenge is goals. -If buying new goals is difficult for soccer league US Youth Soccer recommends using existing large goals. This will also make it easier to score goals which will create excitement. If that isn't enough use cone or corner flags.
-Some clubs make the goals from PVC pipe. -Many companies are manufacturing inexpensive small sided goals.

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