Coaching Soccer 101 Drills


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Set Up - Two Circular grids. One small and one large.
The Game - Players each with their own ball, dribble around the small large grid. They should be dribbling at a decent pace, avoiding each other and keeping their heads up.
After they have been dribbling for a while, call out the word "SWITCH" When you do this each player must stop their ball, leave it where it is, and run around a cone on the outer circle and run back into the small circle to a new or different soccer ball. It is important they get to new balls right away and continue dribbling.
Once they get comfortable with the concept of the drill, remove one player's ball. This player now must run around the drill without a ball. When the next "Switch" comes about, players again run to the outside circle and back into the smaller one. Any player who doesn't end up with a ball after a "Change" has to run round the grid.
Coaching Points - Heads up. Dribble with pace. Add moves. Older players- increase distance of circles.

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